Parent Leadership Program

Parenting is an Olympian task, and  it does not come with an instruction manual.  Just like an athlete trains to win, Doing Family teaches parents how to meet the requirements of law and still create a family life of their choosing.  We use the evidenced based Nurturing Parenting ™  curriculum, which can be tailored, to address specific needs.  Our program, The Parent Perspective, is a 3-level system that helps parents identify and build on their strengths.  A certificate of participation is awarded upon completion of the program.​ 

Program Requirements:

  • Adults 18+

  • Attend Registration Appointment

  • Attend all sessions

  • Commitment to Succeed 

  • DCFS Involved parents accepted

 "Designed With Parents In Mind" 


Parents gain valuable tools to help them become the leader their family needs.  

Parent Leadership Program

The Nurturing Parenting ™ Curriculum is used to teach parent leadership skills. The material is adapted to address the unique needs of parents and their families. A three level system is used to identify and build upon parental strengths, and assist with developing an improvement action plan.

Fatherhood Consultation Workshop

Understanding healthy communication is the foundation for the Fatherhood Consultation workshop. Presence is key! In this training, the interaction, role, and responsibilities of a father are broken down, discussed, and reshaped.

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 "It was a great experience; it allowed me to get some things off my chest.” 


 “I like when we talk about understanding the child welfare system, knowing what to do to get my kids back.” 


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