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Stay The Course

To Win 2018

Stay The Course - To Win 2018

a free resource for birth parents!


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Parents received important information and encouragement on how to successfully navigate the child welfare system. 

 We believe in parents,

 so we gave one successful couple the Doing Family Supportive Services Achievement Award for

Parental Excellence.

Don't forget the coffee!

Parents were welcomed to enjoy light refreshments.

WE ARE NOW 501(C)3

It has always been our goal to serve parents and their families in a way that is meaningful to them.  Navigating a child welfare case is challenging and so we volunteered and worked with other organizations for many years, helping them to understand how to better help parents regain custody of their children.  And we were successful.  


We saw the need for an organization that focuses on birth parents so, we made the decision to take our passion for parents, our experience, and hard work to start Doing Family Supportive Services, Inc. 

It is our goal to change our communities, one family at a time, by going back to where it all started, with parents.  We ask for you support in helping us reduce how long children stay in foster care and preventing more children from coming into the system. 



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