Go The Distance

go the distance

go the distance

 "It takes a village...

"It takes a village to raise a child" is a saying that still rings true  today and Doing Family Supportive Services is working to help our children go the distance to become strong, and successful adults.  It all starts with a decision...


Go The Distance is  a teen  program designed to help youth transition into their role as adults.  We serve youth ages 15  to 21.  Youth in foster are accepted.  A parenting component is available for pregnant and/or parenting teens. This program provides positive learning experiences  designed  to encourage participants to think about the direction they want their life to take and how the choices they make affect that direction.  

  • Nurturing Parenting ™ Curriculum

  • Self –care

  • Managing Emotions

  • Decision Making

  • Positive Self Image/Self Worth

  • Goal Setting

  • Identifying Support Systems and Resources

  • Healthy Relationships/Avoiding Domestic Violence

  • Positive Social Interactions

  • Referrals

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