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Love Does Not Equal Ability

Our hearts are grieved by the death of this baby. Many questions need answering, the main one being, "What about the parent was missed?"

This tragedy causes us to look at how people view parenting and how parents receive services. There is room for improvement on both sides. Parenting is a serious task and affects the future of our communities. What brings a family into child welfare goes far beyond what is visible to the eye. Parenting starts long before a child is born, it begins with people who are prepared to take on the responsibility of a child. Parents need to recognize if they truly are capable of taking care of their children, sometimes love is confused with ability. More education is needed in the area of prevention and intervention, especially when it comes to how and under what circumstances children are brought into the world.

The Family First Prevention Act is an important step in providing much needed resources and services to help prevent child abuse and provide intervention to families in crisis. For more information about the Family First Prevention Act visit:…/FFCC-Short-Summary-FFPSA.…


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