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Doing Family Supportive Services is the non-profit subsidiary of Doing Family, Inc.  - click to learn more

Mission Statement

The mission of Doing Family Supportive Services is to provide preventive and intervention support to families that respects the uniqueness of each member, focuses on their strengths, and assists them in developing long-term solutions to life challenges.


Vision Statement

The vision of Doing Family Supportive Services is to become a partner with families and other organizations to reduce the time children spend in foster care, increase permanency, and assist in the prevention of involvement with child welfare. Our goal is to bring unity between at-risk families, those who work with them, and the systems that impact their lives.

Doing Family Supportive Services is a 501(c)3 organization providing support to families in a manner that meets members where they are and assists them in learning how to make good decisions that promote health and well-being for themselves and their family.  Our Parent Leadership Academy not only serves birth parents involved with child welfare in our Parent Leadership Program but we also  seek to serve pregnant and/or parenting teens both in and out of foster care, by assisting them to become responsible adults in our Go The Distance youth program. 

Parent Leadership 

Parent Leadership Program

Parenting is an Olympian task, and  it does not come with an instruction manual.  Just like an athlete trains to win, Doing Family teaches parents how to meet the requirements of law and still create a family life of their choosing.  We use the evidenced based Nurturing Parenting ™  curriculum, which can be tailored, to address specific needs.  Our program is a 3-level system that progressively builds upon the strengths of the individual.  A certificate of participation is awarded upon completion of the program.​  Click here for more information

  • Nurturing Parenting ™ Curriculum

  • Leadership

  • Life Skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Protective Factors

  • Fatherhood 

  • Referrals 

Go The Distance 

Upcoming in 2019, we seek to expand our services to youth, including pregnant and/or parenting teens.  We will offer learning experiences for youth designed to motivate them to think about the direction they want their life to go in and how the choices they make affect that direction.  Our goal is to help youth increase self-awareness, self-confidence, and their ability to make healthy choices for themselves and their children.   Click here for more information

For over 10 years Doing Family Supportive Services has worked to give "voice" to parent concerns and help them succeed by showing them how to help themselves.   Our goal is to continue to expand our reach to provide targeted help to families by creating programs that meet people where they are and equip them to reach their potential.


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